Honorary Consulate of the Republic of India for Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate
Andreas Lapp
Honorary Consul
Schulze-Delitzsch-Strasse 25
70565 Stuttgart

Responsible (§ 5 TMG and § 55 Abs. 2 RStV):
Andreas Lapp, Honorary Consul

Quick electronic contact (§ 5 TMG):            
E-mail: info(at)
Tel: +49 (711) 7838-1213

Billing address:
Honorary Consulate of India
c/o Lapp Holding SE
Oskar-Lapp-Str. 2
70565 Stuttgart

Supervisory Authority:
Embassy of the Republic of India
Tiergartenstrasse 17
10785 Berlin
Tel: (+49) 30 25 79 50

Lapp Holding SE
Abin Thomas
Oskar Lapp Str. 2
70565 Stuttgart

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